Dedicated to Your Pet’s Comfort

At Convenience Pet Hospitals, efficiency doesn’t mean getting you in and out of the door as soon as possible—it means making the space to spend as much time with your pet as needed. Your pet comes first here, and we put them first by designing our animal hospital to meet Fear Free guidelines, taking the time to inform pet parents thoroughly, and incorporating a high level of communication so that you always know what is going on. All of our facilities are designed to be efficient, comfortable, and catered specifically for your cat or dog. We also have rooms for families with both cats and dogs.

Discover your pet’s happy
place in Golden, CO

Tail-Wagging Dog Amenities

  • Non-slip mats for dogs who struggle with slick floors
  • Adaptil spray/Adaptil diffuser
  • Dog-specific treats
  • Air filtration
  • Specific entry door for dogs
  • Specific dog ONLY rooms
  • Peanut-free room (for allergies)

Purrr-fect Cat Amenities

  • Climbing shelves on the walls
  • Comfortable cloth hideaways
  • Feliway spray/Feliway diffuser
  • Cat-specific treats
  • Air filtration
  • Cat wraps and comfy blankets for safe handling
  • Specific entry door for cats
  • Specific cat ONLY room
  • Peanut-free room (for allergies)

Insurance and Payment

Convenience Pet Hospitals has integration with Trupanion pet insurance so that your claim will be handled during your appointment. We will always provide any documentation needed if you have a different insurance provider. We also accept CareCredit. Don’t hesitate to contact our animal hospital with any questions regarding other insurance and payment options. Payment will be required at time of service.