Pet Primary Care in Golden, CO

As your pet’s primary care veterinarian, we are here for the entire life of your beloved companion, just like your trusted family physician. At Convenience Pet Hospitals, our primary care services cover your pet’s basic needs, focusing predominantly on prevention and general wellness. Led by the experienced and caring Dr. Medbury, our veterinary practice in Golden, CO, is dedicated to providing exceptional primary care for your furry friends.

pet primary care in Golden CO

What is the Purpose of Primary Care?

Our main objective is to help you create a comprehensive plan for the long-term health of your pet while navigating any bumps along the way. Our primary care services focus on prevention and general wellness, ensuring that your furry friend stays healthy and lives their best life. One of the key aspects of primary care is to track your pet’s health throughout their life. This proactive approach helps us identify health issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. Additionally, as your primary care veterinarian, we are here to address any concerns you may have and provide informed conversations about your pet’s health plan.

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Primary Care Visit

As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of informed decisions for your pet’s well-being. Regular primary care appointments allow us to assess their health, discuss diagnoses, and update vaccinations and prescriptions. Building a strong foundation for your pet’s health, these visits foster a trusting relationship between you, your furry companion, and our veterinary team. For pets under 8 years old, yearly exams are recommended, while pets over 8 years old benefit from twice-yearly checkups for closer monitoring and adaptable care as they age. Primary care services encompass vaccinations, blood work, weight checks, physical examinations, preventative care, and prescription refills throughout their lifetime.

Preparing Your Pet for a Primary Care Appointment

To ensure a smooth and productive primary care appointment for your pet, we recommend the following preparations:

  • Bring a list of questions and concerns you may have about your pet’s health.
  • Bring a fecal sample for analysis, especially if your pet is due for a routine deworming.
  • Have a list of your pet’s current medications, including dosages and administration instructions.
  • Know your pet’s diet and feeding schedule to discuss dietary recommendations or concerns.
  • Bring any previous veterinary records and diagnostic results, which will assist us in providing comprehensive care for your pet.

Additionally, you can share the contact information of your previous veterinarian, and we will obtain the necessary records on your behalf.

primary care in Golden CO

Book Your Pet’s Primary Care Appointment in Golden, CO

At Convenience Pet Hospitals, we are committed to providing exceptional primary care for your pets. We are here to support you and your pet throughout their life journey, ensuring they receive the best possible care and attention at every stage. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next primary care appointment and be a part of our caring family.